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When we first started RabbitHole, we set out on a mission to make web3 more sustainable by focusing on getting more users to participate in protocols rather than speculate on tokens. Over the past year, we’ve made tremendous progress towards this goal by introducing Quests, the best way for protocols to find and engage users.

To expand upon our efforts to help protocols fight speculation, we’ve raised $18M, co-led by Greylock and TCG Crypto, to now convert web3 users into web3 contributors. This funding will support our fight to make web3 more meritocratic via on-chain credentialing.

We’re also looking to expand the team with individuals who share our mission of making web3 more about what you do and less about what you own. If this sounds like you, apply to one of our open roles below 👇

🎨 Design Lead

⌨️ Engineering Lead

📄 General Counsel

💻 Full-stack Engineer